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Lure Coursing Forms

Request for Printed ISWS Lure Coursing Certificate

ISWS Hound Certification Form (for CIC, IC or EC)

ASFA Hound Certification Form (links to ASFA website - use this form to qualify a hound to compete in ASFA trials)

Lure Coursing Links

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American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) home page

ASFA Rule Book

ASFA Top 20 Silken Windhounds

ASFA Trial Schedule

Silken Windhound Club Links

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International Silken Windhound Society

East Coast Silken Windhounds

Finnish Silken Windhound Club

Silken Windhounds of California

Swedish Silken Windhound Club

UK Silken Windhound Club

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