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Silken Windhound Lure Coursing : Program & Titles

Program Overview

The ISWS Lure Coursing Program started in 2007 to allow Silken Windhounds to participate in and demonstrate abilities in lure coursing. The original ISWS lure coursing program rules were based on ASFA rules, with a few additional awards/titles offered to reward participation in this performance venue even in areas where official ISWS trials were not available.

DiorIn December 2009, the American Sighthound Field Association (ASFA) accepted the Silken Windhound as a Limited status breed. In February 2012, Silken Windhounds were approved by the ASFA BoD as a Provisional breed, starting March 1, 2012. Starting on this date, Silken Windhounds were eligible to compete in regular stakes and Best of Breed.

The 2014 ASFA's Convention of Delegates voted resoundingly in favor of granting full recognition to Silken Windhounds. This new status took effect on April 1, 2014, and all points earned by Silken Windhounds from March 1, 2012 were counted toward ASFA Field Championships and other titles.

The ISWS continues to award points and titles for Silken Windhound achievements and participation in the sport of lure coursing in parts of the world where ASFA is not available.

Top Dog of the year is awarded by ASFA, and the current Top 20 Silken Windhounds can be found here.

Photo by Jim Wallace.

ISWS Lure Coursing Titles

Champion titles

ISWS Field Champion (ISWS FCh):

A permanent title of ISWS Field Champion (ISWS F.Ch.) shall be awarded as a suffix to the registered name of any hound which has fulfilled the following championship requirements:

(a) Attained a number of championship points, as fixed by the ASFA. That number of points is 100.

(b) Contained in this 100 points there must be two first placements or one first placement and two second placements.

All such placements shall be with competition which shall mean defeating at least one placing hound. In other words, a hound may have more than the 100 points but not be awarded the Field Champion title until the placements have been attained.

ISWS Lure Courser of Merit (ISWS LCM):

The ISWS shall recognize and make appropriate awards to those hounds who have attained the ISWS Field Championship, and who, after receiving the championship, continue to compete and receive four first placements with competition and 300 more points. Hounds who shall have attained said number of placements and points shall be known as ISWS Lure Courser of Merit (ISWS LCM).

When a hound completes the ISWS LCM title it may continue to compete for additional titles. After receiving an additional four (4) first placements with competition and an additional 300 points, the title of ISWS LCM II shall be awarded. This process will be indefinitely repeatable for ISWS LCM III, IV, and so on.


Participation titles

ISWS shall reward participation in lure coursing events to hounds that achieve the following accomplishments.

Coursing Instinct Certified (CIC):

A hound at least 12 months old running alone shall receive one qualification from a judge and a second qualification from a different judge on the same or separate dates stating that the hound completed a 500 yard course with a minimum of 4 turns.  The hound must complete the course with enthusiasm and without interuption. Dogs that trot part of the required course will NOT be certified.

Intermediate Courser (IC):

The ISWS shall recognize those hounds who, after demonstrating they are qualified to course (eligible for Limited Stake), complete 8 courses of at least 500  yards with a minimum of 4 turns on at least 4 different dates with competition. The hound must complete each course with enthusiasm and without interuption and must not course or interfere with the other hound(s) it is running with. This must be certified by at least 3 different judges.

Expert Courser (EC):

The ISWS shall recognize those hounds who are qualified to course (eligible for Limited Stake) and who, after earning the Intermediate Courser title, have completed 50 courses of at least 500 yards with a minimum of 4 turns on at least 25 different dates with enthusiasm and without interuption and did not course or interfere with the other hounds it was running with.  This must be certified by at least 8 different judges.

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