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Silken Windhound Lure Coursing : Reporting Results

Official Trial Records

Now that the Silken Windhound is an ASFA Limited status breed, all official trial records must be sent directly by the host club to ASFA as per the ASFA Rulebook.

Reporting Results to ISWS

All instructions below for submitting results to ISWS for refer to sending some form of copy of trial results. Copies can include the colored/extra copies of the ASFA triplicate record sheets if not needed by the host club, a photo of the trial sheets posted at the trial if complete, or some other form of copy.

What to report to ISWS?

When reporting trial results to ISWS, be sure to include all of the following information:

  • Name of host club
  • Date of trial
  • Name(s) of judge(s) for each stake
  • # of hounds running in each stake
  • Name and registration # of each hound entered
  • Scores for preliminary and final courses, any run-offs and total score for each hound
  • Placements and any other information possibly included in record such as forfeit in a tie.

Why report results to ISWS?

ISWS currently awards Silken Windhound lure coursing titles, and results must be received by the lure coursing registrar in order to award these titles.

While ASFA currently reports trial results on the ASFA website, only results for the hounds earning placements at a trial are included. With a medium sized or large entry, there may be many Silken Windhounds earning qualifying runs who do not earn a placement on a given day. If results of a stake with an entry larger than 5 are not sent to ISWS, then those hounds earning qualifying runs toward a participation title (e.g., IC or EC) will not receive credit for those runs.

Where to send results:

Send results to:

Lori Silvestri
ISWS Lure Coursing Registrar
P.O. Box 3812
Paso Robles, CA 93447

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